Short Loin Cut

16 ounces

A full-flavored USDA Prime cut of short loin that is slightly firmer than a ribeye, but still tender. Ruth's favorite—she ordered hers medium-rare, charred, but we'll prepare yours just the way you like it.

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Red Wine

Cabernet Savignon

Medium to full in body, our Cabernet Sauvignons are elegant, approachable and often characterized by flavors of mulberry, currant, red cherry and dark fruit.

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Cremini Mushrooms

Roasted mushrooms seasoned with fresh thyme and garlic. Order for yourself, or share with the table.

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Baked Potatos
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Superior Cuts

At Ruth's Chris, we specialize in the finest, custom-aged, midwestern USDA Prime beef—the highest 2% in quality on the market. We broil it exactly the way you like it at 1800° to lock in the corn-fed flavor.

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